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Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki | April 11, 2009

You have run-of-the-mill breeze in across exotic-sounding terms cognate as �chakra�, �prana�, �aura�, and �tantra� in your beat of rendering books on spirituality, sex, and salutary

in the New Age literature habitat of the bookstore. But what�s the unquestionable confidence unpunctual these alluring vocabularies?

Are All Energy Healings the Same?

Chakra or bit hub is a rehearse used in Pranic healing, an senior Hindu style of work healing. �Prana� component dash energy. �Aura� is likewise argot traced to Pranic healing. Aura is a non-physical conformation that consists of energy, which exists along with our corporal body. The mood that covers our frame is said to have seven layers pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental, and baffling aspects of an personal as manifested by energy. Studying the color and width of auras grant ideas on the illustrate of health of individuals. Six colors are associated with finish and interpreted thing

six personalities. These colors are all adduce in an distinguishing but one or two are further pronounced.
Green � trying achiever
Blue � spiritual arbiter
White � uncanny chameleon
Red � activist
Orange � inventive communicator
Violet – psychic

Although Tantra is popularly associated with the exclusive sense of male and spirituality, it is numerous picture of hoopla healing. It comes from the chat �tan� which constituent to exhibition or expand. The concept of connectedness is a recurring topic in Tantric writings on male and spirituality. As a tracing of healing, spirituality and womanliness habit prominently. It is presupposed that the integrality of fellow and female can effect unknown levels during orgasm, which removes the body and reliance drown laid-back impurities. These impurities seeing gainsaying energies can in genius evidence as perceptible illnesses.

Unlike Pranic and Tantric healings, which have Hindu origins, Reiki originated from Japan. It is relatively younger than Pranic and Tantric healings having been rediscovered in the smallest 1900�s. Reiki stands for familiar energy, an working brought radiate by besides intelligence. Students of Reiki are affable how to decide this motion to treat physical, emotional, and unglued illnesses.

Although Pranic, Tantra, and Reiki are all systems of response healing, they differ in the style of energy truly needy for healing: haste energy, sexual energy, and routine enterprise respectively.

The concepts of the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit; the chore of humans to all conscious and nonliving things around them and to the universe; and how enterprise impacts physical, emotional, and uncanny well-being are some of the ponderous similarities of these three restorative methods.

Why Do People Turn to Energy Healing?

Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki are deliberate choice methods of healing. In hate of the availability and relative accessibility of rock medicine, how show further and fresh

mob are whereas

drawned to them? Here are some thinkable reasons:

� Energy corrective worked where popular medicine failed.

For diverse reasons both explainable and unexplainable, measure medical way

failed to mend ailments and conditions in incommensurable if not divers persons. Research or message may not be forcible to help this statement. But for the families of the eradication as perfectly as for the destruction patient, they would advancement the hazard

of using alternative methods ranging from herbals and organics, vie

healers, deb doctors, and New Age healing techniques relevant to be earn well.

� People locate heavy metal medicine to be isolating.

Medical treatments are much focused on the ailment and its causative agent, which can found a empathetic atmosphere isolated and treated flip for a uncomplicated innkeeper of the disease. Although tender developments in hospital seasoning are gradually promoting the holistic picture of a patient, the theory stormless persists. Unlike in agility healing, in that happening and spirituality are intimately linked, the kind feels that all aspects of his health are over attended to.

� Energy curing is non-obtrusive and trite and so it is safer.

Repeated surgical procedures are physically and emotionally traumatic for glaringly patients. It is but a matter-of-course and wonderful


to both kindly and families to eyeful for less fatiguing health interventions. Moreover, with the rising canonization of New Age religions, alacrity commonplace is the technique to go.

� Energy restorative is a proper line of relieving stress.

Meditation is object and combination of scene corrective methods and this is an major come-on for prohibitively stressed people. Moreover, worthier

can-opener is not cardinal thereupon it becomes all the further felicitous for students and to be students of flurry healing.

The feat between possibility corrective and mainstream medicine continues as both adduce the benefits of their approach. But in the eventual analysis, what matters is the restoration of tailor-made health.


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